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17-08-08 A collection of "strange" pictures
Derek shows

D334-352 14-10-22 - Wading pool. Out of season. Vancouver. Something surreal about the playground equipment and the subtle colours of the sky reflection. Also, the shells probably dropped by feeding seagulls.

D334-287 14-10-21 - Reminds of "Love's Snackbar." An eatery that used to be on Bathurst St., south of Davenport. We would pass it on the streetcar going home from classes at UofT in 1960, and chuckle to ourselves.

D334-251 14-10-19 - Minotaur, made of old land lines. In the VanDusen Botanical Garden.

D334-236 14-10-19 - A "Dearest Johnathan" letter. This was a public mailbox in the garden, presumeably for people to express their view on the park.

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