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1984 1. NFLD - St. Catharines to Cape Breton <)))
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- July-August 1984

84-07-25 - Fort Johnson, N. Y. - Johnson's mansion. On our way to the Maritimes, we pause to look at Sir William Johnson's mansion at Fort Johnson, New York. Johnson was a key figure in British Indian policy before the American Revolution.

84-07-25 - Fort Johnson, N.Y. - Johnson's mansion. There's a painting somewhere, showing delegations of Indians gathered in front of this house or one like it.

84-07-25 - Moreau Lake, N.Y. - Merle & birchtree. Our first night out, we stay at Moreau Lake, New York. We walk round the lake, go swimming, get ordered out of the water by the park ranger (it's after hours), then walk all the way round the opposite side back to our tent. A relaxing evening.

84-07-26 - Woodstock Vt.- main intersection. The main intersection of Woodstock, Vermont, with Bentley's restaurant in the centre. Woodstock is an interesting place to stop for lunch on the second day of a trip to the Maritimes, and Bentley's is a good place to eat.

84-07-26 - Woodstock Vt. - street scene. After lunch, we wander round town. This is a typical street scene in Woodstock: boutiques and tasteful restorations, with lots of old wood and brick -- something like Niagara-on-the-Lake.

84-07-26 - Woodstock Vt. - Bentley's rest. There's Merle outside Bentley's checking the menu.

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - village fair. At Newbury, Vermont, a craft fair is in progress on the village common.

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - village fair. We stop to stretch our legs and mingle with the rest of the visitors.

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - square dancing. A square dance troupe struggles to teach tourists how to do-si-do.

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - Merle buying knitware. Merle looks over the local handicrafts with a view to picking up a few dozen pairs of mitts and scarves for the cold weather back up there in Canada.

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - stagecoach. A stage coach pulls into town to give the kiddies rides.

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - Merle patting horse. Are these the sort of horses called dapple greys?

84-07-26 - Newbury Vt. - popcorn vendor. The world's most colourful popcorn wagon, and the most patriotic. There's even a mask of Uncle Sam hanging in the window. The girl in the purple shirt waits patiently with greenback in hand.

84-07-26 - Moose Brk S. P., N.H. - Merle swimming. Our second night, at Moose Brook State Park, New Hampshire. We've stayed here before, but this is the first time we've gotten around to trying out the swimming hole. The park is in the town of Gorham and provides a convenient, uncrowded camping place near Mt. Washington.

84-07-26 - Moose Brook S.P. - Merle at ladder. Merle climbs out of the water at the dam. We retire to our sleeping bags early, hoping for good weather so we can go hiking in the mountains tomorrow. It turns out cloudy and damp, so decide to continue on to New Brunswick.

84-07-27 - St. Andrews - cannon and blockhouse. At St. Andrews, this reconstructed blockhouse once protected the Loyalist settlers from American attack.

84-07-27 - Aquarium - seal eating fish. At the St. Andrews Aquarium, the seals take a little time out from watching tourists to eat a fish dinner.

84-07-27 - Aquarium - seal and baby. This mother and her baby play games in the water. She seemed to be tickling it.

84-07-27 - Aquarium - seal and baby.

84-07-27 - New R. Bch P.P., N.B. - Merle on beach. In the evening, we go for a walk on the sand at New River Beach Provincial Park, New Brunswick.

84-07-27 - New River Beach P.P. - view of beach. A typical Bay of Fundy beach where the tide goes out for miles leaving a wide strip of wet sand and mud.

84-07-27 - New River Beach P.P. - fishing weir. The girls are playing at the edge of the water as the tide comes in. They're watching a marker stick planted in the sand.

84-07-27 - New River Beach P.P. - cottage on beach. At the top of the beach above the line of seaweed, a cosy cabin shelters against the breeze. A light in the window invites the cottager homeward at dusk.

84-07-28 - Saint John N.B. - tug at rev. falls. At Saint John, New Brunswick, we stop to look at the reversing falls despite heavy rain. As the tide reaches its flood, the outflow is backed up to the point where this tug can force its way upstream.

84-07-28 - St. John N.B. - tug under bridge. It disappears in the direction of the inner harbour above the falls.

84-07-28 - St. John. - tug bringing out barge. Only to reappear a few moments later pushing a barge in company with another tug.

84-07-28 - St. John. - tug returning. The job done, the smaller boat returns to the inner harbour.

84-07-28 - St. John - reversal of falls just visible. Merle and I wait in the rain til the reversal of the falls is just visible. Here you can see the water flowing inward from right to left.

84-07-28 - St. John N.B. - indoor market. We buy a few supplies at this indoor market.

84-07-28 - St. John. - Merle and sculpture. And get caught up in a crowd of commuters.

84-07-28 - St. John. - tugboat restaurant. Looks like a good place to be on a Saturday night.

84-07-28 - St. John. - Barbour's General Store. A restoration of Barbour's original General Store. As former New Brunswick residents, we remember Barbour's for their brand of spices.

84-07-28 - St. John. - North Market Wharf shopping mall. The North Market Wharf shopping mall -- a redevelopment of old commercial buildings, the kind of project being tried out all over the country to revitalize crumbling urban core areas.

84-07-28 - St. John. - Merle on step.

84-07-28 - St. John. - Merle on step. Waiting to be rennovated.

8407-28 - St. John. - blue and white house. Downtown Saint John is a city of wood.

84-07-28 - St. John. - doorway. Tasteful colours keep the Victorian bric-a-brac from looking tacky.

84-07-28 - St. John. - doorways. The carpenters of Saint John must have prospered in the old days.

84-07-28 - St. John - Loyalist House, 1810. The Loyalist House was built in 1810.

84-07-28 - St. John. - Loyalist House. The same building from the back -- like the church, founded upon a rock.

84-07-28 - Saint John. - hilly street. Looking down a side street toward the harbour.

84-07-28 - Five Islands P.P., N.S. - view from tent. At Five Islands Provincial Park in Nova Scotia, we had this view from the door of our tent. The park, though off the main highway, is worth a stop for the spectacular outlook from the tenting grounds. Usually you have to go somewhere else to find the good places to look at scenery. Here you just sit in your doorway and gaze across the bay, waiting for the tide to come up over the mudflats.

84-07-28 - Five Islands - view across mud flats. After supper we stroll down a nature trail behind the campground.

84-07-28 - Five Islands - spikey promontory. These rocks looked like the spinal plates of some titanic stegiosaurus protruding from the mud.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - view of mud flats. When the tide is out the next day, we take a walk along the mud flats.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - Merle on mud flats. The mounds have been left by clamdiggers.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - Merle & footprints. It's wet going, but the mud is fairly firm.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - Merle & reflections. Looking past the islands that protect the inner harbour, you can see signs of a wave from the open water breaking on the rocks.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - view of island. A ray of light in a world of ignorance.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - Derek up cliff.

8407-29 - Five Islands - Derek up cliff. Derek simply must try out his climbing skills on any handy cliff.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - Derek up cliff. The rock has black veins that look like coal. Experimenting with a piece back home, the coal turns out to be perfectly fireproof.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - Merle indicating fault.

84-07-29 - Merle indicating fault. Merle picking faults in Mother Nature. Careful, Merle, the old girl might make it rain for forty days and forty nights.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - algae. A curious growth of marine algae.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - M. & red cliffs. Red sandstone cliffs on the way back to the campsite.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - sandstone face. A natural sculpture of a face with lots of teeth, or perhaps it's got a braided beard like the great Holfernes, king of Babylon.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - beach plant w. bladders. A beach plant with bladders and small pink flowers.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - view of salt marsh. An overall view of the salt marsh which empties into the harbour beside the park. It's reminiscent of the salt marshes of the Tantramar, which are also at the head of the Bay of Fundy and not far away from here -- as the gull flies.

84-07-29 - Five Islands - interpretive sign. Merle views an interpretive sign at the end of our walk. Perhaps we should have looked the description before we set out. I'm never quite sure whether you want these things to be a surprise or if you need to be told beforehand so you'll recognise something when it when you see it.

84-07-29 - Halifax, N.S. - Bluenose II. In Halifax we go down to the harbour to view the Bluenose II.

84-07-29 - Halifax - Merle and Bob. Merle and Bob McDonald pretend to go on board. A crowd of sightseers with tickets is waiting in line to make a short cruise around the harbour.

84-07-29 - Halifax - Bluenose II. The stern of the Bluenose.

84-07-29 - Halifax - clock tower on Citadel Hill. Merle, Bob and I walk up Citadel Hill after dinner. This is the old clock tower.

84-07-29 - Halifax - lantern of clock tower.

840729 - Halifax - lantern of clock tower. Seen from the uphill side.

84-07-30 - Baddeck, N.S. - Bell Museum. At Baddeck, Nova Scotia, we visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. That body of water in the background is Bras d'Or.

84-07-30 - Baddeck - Bell museum. Another view of the museum with a lighthouse on the shore.

End of show.

- 07-04-28 cut out sound clips from transcribed tape. Sound is clear but over headphones, a kind of low twittery background noise -- prob. caused by noise reduction. Can this be removed by a second stage nr? 07-05-09: touch-up. dates. 07-05-11: listened to all 3 segments together. A few pictures too dark or contrasty, but still within acceptable limits. Quite a few still have lint visible. Some sound glitches inherited from the original tapes. Check the following clips for possible sound file repairs. Not sure re-recording of isolated clips is feasible if sound quality would be radically different from the rest. Test. 08-12-25: reset vertical comps.

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