NFNC collected outings

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AL16 87 Long Point for tundra swans

0309 88-05 Walkerton

0352 90-04 Red Lake

0380 93-05 Long Point, Big Creek

119b 01-05 Canoe trip, Tiny Marsh

D027 02-09 Niagara R.

D050 02-12 Xmas bird count

D041 03-03 Scouting Bellwood Lake

D046 03-05 Bellwood Lake, Elora

D047 03-05 Bellwood Lake, continued

D073 03-10 Niagara River

D087 04-05 Simcoe

D092 04-06 Bruce Peninsula

D093 04-06 Bruce Peninsula

D094 04-06 Bruce Peninsula

D107 04-12 Xmas bird count

D112 05-04 Nottawasaga recon

D113 05-05 Nottawasaga

D115 05-06 Queenston

D118 05-06 Forks Creek

D155 06-06 Queenston, Bruce Peninsula

D156 06-06 Bruce Peninsula

D177 07-05 Grand River

D181 07-06 Queenston

D196 07-09 Algonquin

2008 - 2015 Any more outings?

Editing history, notes

10-03-29: cleaned up. Added more camera PTFs. Solved(?) the problem of including pics from within a PTF. PTF.SCR cmd now will take 2 arguments. First is bookmark location to begin the scan. Second is the selection marker. This can be different from the standard selection marker "{#}". Usually {#1}, {#2}. etc. Check for any more outings to include.

10-03-30: included all found segments. Check neg prints for more?

12-12-22: It seems args 2,3 in PTF.SCR must be both blank or both present. Otherwise a {} not found error occurs. See PTF.SCR for explanation. Does not default to {#}. Should have cmd "parm [$parm] {#} {#}"?

12-12-22: Resphigi and birdsongs sound interesting, played simultaneously. Persistent top headings might be best, even if this sacrifices a screen line. Otherwise, difficult to keep track to the different locations.

16-04-11: Adjustments, recompile for HTML. HTML pages need "/tab" tag inserted to jump automatically to the right start location. Otherwise, simply scroll ahead until you find it.

16-04-13: TAB command created. Click on link. Now goes to internal tab. In PTF commands, note a peculiarity: 3rd argument is usually {#} or {#1}. "{#}" must be replaced by " {#}", otherwise "{#}", which is only a forwarded argument at this point, gets mistaken for the end-of-line "{#}" tag which indicates that this particular command line is to be selected and immediately executed. (Take my word for it.)
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