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LP records
MP4 versions of old WWWB slide shows.

LP-001 - 1. Kweskin: Jug Band greatest hits

LP-002 - 2. Kweskin: Jug Band greatest hits

LP-003 07-11-03 - Tutankhamun

LP-004 07-11-03 -

LP-007 07-11-03 - Musical Memories, Munich to Heidelberg

16:50 Freut euch des Lebens

LP-008 07-11-03 -

LP-013 07-11-03 - Irish Rovers: The Unicorn

LP-014 07-11-03 -

LP-015 07-11-03 - RAF band, best of. RAF March only, first cut.

LP-017 07-11-03 - Switched on Bach

LP-018 07-11-03 -

LP-023 07-11-03 - Stivell: Renaissance de la Harpe Celtique

LP-024 07-11-03 -

LP-025 07-11-03 - Atkins, Reed: Me and Jerry (guitar)

LP-026 07-11-03 -

LP-027 07-11-03 - Los Incas

LP-028 07-11-03 -

LP-029 07-11-03 -

LP-030 07-11-03 -

LP-063 07-11-03 - Ian and Sylvia: Four Strong Winds
2 cuts only. Four strong winds, V'la le bon vent. Four Strong Winds: the world's saddest song. The parting of lovers, no recriminations, much sadness, only a tiny vestige of hope for the future.

LP-071 07-11-03 - Black Orpheus

LP-072 07-11-03 -

LP-097 07-11-03 - Dvorak: New World, Berlin Philharmonic.

LP-098 07-11-03 -
17-11-25: Listened to this again on Samsung phone with earphones. Our song?. We heard it in 1959, on a damp, cloudy day in Edwards Gardens, just before I had to head to Mt. A. Walked for an hour trying to remember what this music was coming over the PA system. Nostalgic, but lately have found it repetitive. Dvorak seems to endlessly repeat his themes with little variation that I could hear. Or am I just jaded?


07-11-03: Album covers were entered via computer control of Canon A640 camera. 1hr47min incl. battery change. Used PhotoShop macro to adjust images: rotate 180deg., resize to 2400x1800, crop to margins, auto-contrast, convert to 256 colour, save a copy, and close. Copy is then renamed to "file name".THM and is available to WWWB "GRA" command tags. (All *.THM now renamed to *.JPEG) Original .JPGs set to read-only. Could eventually be deleted after all adjustments to thumbnails are complete. Final 1800x1800 .THM is readable, even of back of album.

12-03-22: associated sound file, if any, can be played on WWWB from "double-click" menu. Page 1, option 1. Or use ctrl-C on "gra" tag to play sound file, if it exists. Tag may be marked "#". MPC cmd seems to work, mostly, but doesn't return to WWWB till selection is done. Needs experimentation to get the timing right. The following are more WWWB sound play commands.

MPC/file/start secs/duration secs/
PLAYVC - play with volume control. May hang the system; avoid, except for testing.
PLAY - seems to work. 12-03-23: now has volume option 1-100pc. Should prob. transcribe more LPs. Set up in lab downstairs. Need an arrangement with minimum finagling to operate. Use Nat's old Toshiba laptop? (long gone)

17-11-23: added "SND" cmd. Puts a sound control on web pages. Haven't figured how to make it large enough to be easily visible on the phone screen. "LNK" = link command doesnt seem to work well with sound files. Works OK for MP4 files.

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