Family portfolios, created by the XSRCH.SCR show compiler. This script scans all files matching the "*.PTF" specification. It Looks for graphic tag lines beginning with "/gra" and containing the specified text string.

6603-059 63-03 - Mater familias, Sackville.


Other portfolios for Miriam, Adam, Diana, Nathan are in progress. Many subjects are possible, given the right choice of keywords to search.




Only "/gra" tags with a specified keyword are selected. Off-spec tags are ignored. Proper tag format is as folows:

"/xxx/bNNNN-nnnb//yy-mm-dd/description (keywords)/holdall (keywords)"

xxx -- "gra" command tag
bNNNN-nnnb -- picture file name should be 1space +8char +1space
yy-mm-dd -- standard year-month-day numeric format

Date should begin in col 18, otherwise date sort will be incorrect. Fill short file names with spaces. Long file names may require manual intervention.

Date should be as accurate as possible. 2-digit, year-only dates mean that pictures within that date are in essentially random order.

All and only tags containing the specified text will be selected. In some cases this will produce oddities. eg. "Diana" also retrieves "Canadiana". The retrieved picture may not show the expected caption if the found text was placed in the tag's final "holdall" field. Duplicate tags obtained from several shows containing common pictures must be "unselected" manually.
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