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Australia project file, links
Year 2014
D312 14-05-16 to 14-05-21 pre Australia

Some picture folder dates overlap due to using several cameras at the same time. These pictures are very sparsely commented upon. It was a challenging trip for keeping track of details.

As a first, I managed to lose a whole folder of pictures of a replica of Cook's ship, The Endeavour in Sydney Harbour. Plus a tour of one of New Zealand's submarines. At the time I was using multiple cameras and computers, under challenging field conditions, and probably deleted something accidentally while attempting to copy from device to device.

websrch:Sydney Heritage Fleet

2014 - Australia Trip.

14-06-26 - Sydney Opera House.

D314 14-06-26 14-07-04 Sydney Alice Kings Ayers.
D315 14-07-06 14-07-12 Litchfield Tolman Wangi Cooinda.
D316 14-07-13 14-07-16 Cairns.
D317 14-07-15 14-07-16 Cairns.
D319 14-07-17 14-07-18 Cairns Kuranda.
D320 14-07-19 14-07-19 Mossman Gorge.
D318 14-07-19 14-07-19 On the road to Brisbane
D322 14-07-20 14-07-23 Airlie Whitsun Capricorn
D321 14-07-23 14-07-23 Bundaberg
D323 14-07-24 14-07-24 Brisbane
D324 14-07-24 14-07-26 Brisbane to Vancouver
D325 14-07-26 14-07-26 Vancouver
D326 14-07-26 14-07-27 Vancouver

2014 - Home again
D327 14-07-30 14-08-07
D328 14-08-03 14-08-04

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