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Paintings, wall pictures, Derek's oils
Album 21
Album 23

1950s - Misc, Derek's kidhood oils, AL22

54-to-58 - Alpine scene. Bought by Enid in Zweibrucken from an itinerant artist. Note on the back.

54-to-58 - From Enid's cat collection. Painting on slate.

45-to-54? - Port-side inn. Oil by Derek, probably St. Hubert. Late 40s or early 50s.

45-to-54 - Country scene. Glare on the right.

45-to-54 - Tropical birds. Probably from the Nat. Geog. or similar reference book.

45-to-54 - The Taiping? Oil from a Penguin children's book of ships. Did a similar picture of a Viking ship for Aunt Lil. Probably better than this. I remember doing it with a little more dash than the usual picky approach. But never heard from her. Was keenly disappointed. My first taste of artistic recognition.

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