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Help file for DR's website.
Year 2019 summary

Password to Google functions, Drive and Keep: 9056856984
= 176 Woodside Dr. landline phone number.
Google account email: derekrichards3705@gmail.com
or: derek.richards@sympatico.ca

Website internet URLs: derekpics.ca
alternate: derekblog.ddns.net

Google Drive contains a complete copy of the website in the folder DRPROJ. This should automaticaly download any recent changes to an SD card on a regular 24 hour basis. The Android DRIVESYNC download can also be initiated manually.

The NEW folder contains new pictures, in original camera format, not yet updated on the website. This provides a relay station for picture collection while in the field.

The RECENT folder contains the original versions of now updated and renamed files and serves as an emergency backup.

Total available capacity of the Google Drive allocation is 200 Gigabytes. The DRPROJ website is currently (19-12-27) less than 100Gb.

Google KEEP contains a scrapbook of web browsing items that seemed interesting at the time.

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