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Tasks The tasks of Eve. A slide show.

- The Tasks of Eve.
This slide collection was inspired by an "invitational" art show, in the Niagara area, that was announced about the time of Derek's drawing course with Linda Hankin. The title was something like: "Women's Work". But on closer review, the specifications called for a single painting or drawing. So this project, being a series of photographs, had to find another audience. Hi there, audience.

- Stamping out paternalistic myths.
The problems of our modern Eve began way back, in the Garden of Eden, when her predecessor got some bad advice.

- Resisting the claims of authority.
A few of these problems, I must admit, have been handed down to us by the laying on of masculine hands from one generation to the next.

- No salvation through public works.
But some of Eve's present day concerns have more to do with the laying on of steel and concrete, as if an overwhelming investment in infrastructure and technology could create the earthly paradise.

- Becoming assertive - No means No! In fact, there are still quite a few antediluvian aspects of human nature that need to be explicitly challenged and fenced about ...

- Coping with the dark knight of the soul. Lest she might sink in despair at the dark broodings she faces, the complex obscurity of the task, and the uncertain prospects ahead.

- Supporting the arts during cutbacks. But to refine and illuminate the parable, our modern Eve will emerge from private musings, not shunning the light of public debate, to plead her case with contemporary opinion.

- Promoting the greening of heavy industry. Her focus will be not only personal. She must actively encourage institutional, even industrial rectitude.

- Taming the savage beast. There are those, modern purveyors of bread and circuses, who hide behind the masks of levity, but who wield enormous influence in shaping the ideas of a generation.

- Levitating offspring. A generation all too easily lost within structures that appear to cater to every whim and desire, but which, in the final analysis, provide very little comfort and support for the developing spirit.

- Monitoring genetic experimentation. The planet can undoubtedly become more productive, but Eve's challenge is to critique that restless urge to tamper with the tried and true, which can in extreme cases hazard the genetic heritage that has taken millenia to evolve.

- Finding the devil in the details. The thorn in the rose, the seed in the grape, the Tilley hat -- these are problems not worth solving, when compared to the rich fertility of human scheming, the intricate aggravations of communal life in the global city.

- Taking time out to be alone. Periodically, Eve must seek out refreshment from the tedious round. But it would be pointless to crawl away to some isolated sanctuary, insulated though this might be from the world of futile striving.

- Cultivating the inner Woman of Mystery. Instead, she'll seek inner rest and rectitude through a realignment of self with the timeless rhythms of an eternal order of things.

- Facing challenges in academic life. And emerge refreshed, ready to face the manifest absurdity of organized existence, and cheerfully to recognise many of the blocked avenues of life for what they are. False portals only leading to corridors that conduct the wayfarer even deeper into the morass.

- Building the New Jerusalem. I see her, in the sunny uplands of life, on the ramparts, smiling an ironic little smile, assembling the means to either build or hurl down.

- Reviewin' the troops, boostin' morale. There are those, Eve, who stand ready. Ready, aye, ready, to assist in the construction of the new order, or in the deconstruction of the old.

- Sticking to the plan.

- Achieving mystical serenity. A future wherein we may also attain some approximation of your reconciliation to the human condition. Not, that is, by mastery over mere circumstance, something that we can never fully achieve, since we ourselves are creatures of circumstance ...

- Gathering flowers while she may. But by willing immersion in that order of things in which we all live and move and have our being.

The End - Tasks of Eve A printed and an MP4 version of this show are available. Notes: 13-11-25: am guessing at an original creation date of 1998

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