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19-12-01 Local

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19-10-31 - Cover picture.

Cam.card folder: d553 - Init: 2019-12-03

54 - 58 - Malcesine. Can't recall why this pic came to mind. But one of my best from Europe. This is a recent PSP edit.
Castello Scaligero, Malcesine, Lake Garda. Visited it in the 1950s. This is the fortress where Goethe was briefly incarcerated. I recall a room labelled "Goethegefangnis", or somesuch in German.

websrch:castello scaligero malcesine

Our campsite of the 1950s is apparently still in use.

websrch:malcesine italy camping

Check 6601 folder of 6x6 slides.
Simultaneously eating both ends of the hotdog of life at the same time.

19-10-30 - Day before Halloween at 176 Woodside Dr.

19-10-30 - Yummy Kraft dinner for lunch.

19-11-14 - Juliet and Romeo, PAC.

19-11-14 - Juliet and Romeo, PAC. This is not Romeo. We are at the PAC, looking out on wintry St. Paul St.

19-11-16 - At Rosmarin's place. They also visited the Italian Trulli town, Alberobello.

19-11-23 - Nurse Jane goes to Hawaii. Thorold Community Theatre play production with Andrea and Adam.

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