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19-10-05 Sorrento to home. Day 14.

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19-10-05 - Cover picture.

Cam.card folder: D552 - Init: 2019-10-10

Sorrento to home. Day 14.

19-10-05 - Fresh air boarding, Napoli.

19-10-05 - Bye-bye Vesuvius.

19-10-05 - Approaching Rome.

19-10-05 - Altar of the Fatherland monument. Visible near the bottom right. Red marker on map.

19-10-05 -

19-10-05 - Augustus Mausoleum and Supreme Court. See lower centre.

19-10-05 -

19-10-05 - Post takeoff from Rome, Fiumicino.

19-10-05 - Water channel near top is a canal leading to the Tiber River, farther to the right, east.

19-10-05 - Alps: Matterhorn visible, near centre.

V19-10-11 -

V19-10-11 - The lake at bottom left is a reservoir. A dam is visible at the near end, and on my photograph. Zermatt, in Switzerland, is almost visible in the dark area behind the peak. I love reading maps and aerial photographs. Would have aspired to an RAF Pathfinder Reconnaisance Squadron back in the wartime years. (Had I been old enough.)

As a young buck in my forties, I used to fancy climbing the Matterhorn. It is reportedly feasible for marathon-conditioned persons with a professional guide. I WAS such a person in the early 1980s. Today I climb it only in a virtual sense, while sipping wine on an Alitalia jet.

The family library contains Whymper's classic book on climbing: Scrambles in the Alps. He reached the summit under even more distressing conditions than we have to endure today on an international flight.

websrch:map matterhorn

19-10-06 - Riganelli's rectangular Pizza.
Surfed this image while still in Italy. But didn't encounter any pizzas with corners while over there. Those of us in the Italian diaspora sometimes outdo even the homeland in innovation. I wonder what's for dinner tonight. Probably Dr. Oetker's Terrific Teutonic Thin-crust pizza. Round.

19-10-07 - BT guys on the Abbey-ian Way.

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