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18-09-13 HF Lake District Day 13
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Cam.card folder: D500 - Init: 2018-09-16

18-09-13 - Merle contemplates high places.

18-09-13 - Rest stop. Our guide filled us in on the history of this inn.

websrch:maid of buttermere

18-09-13 - Rootscape, Buttermere,

18-09-13 - Ecclesiasticus, Biblical sourpuss. Fave passage of L. Logie, my Chatham N.B. high school principal.

Vanity of vanities sayeth the preacher. All is vanity. The rivers run into the sea, but the sea is not filled. (Into Buttermere, actually. Which empties into some other lake, further downstream. Otherwise, we'd have a massive flood.)

Facebook entry: Day 13. Our teacup runneth over today, the last day of our Lake District walking tour. Nowt t'do but enjoy dinner tonight, pay our bar bill and catch a bus to Manchester airport at some 'orribly early hour tomorrow. It's been a splash, but we've actually enjoyed the variable weather, and the charming accents and unfailing assistance of our HF companions and staff. (These texts captured from Facebook via dodgey clipboard hi-jinks.)

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