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18-09-08 HF Lake District Day 8
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18-09-08 - Latrigg outlook over Keswick.
FaceBook entry: Day 8. Merle strides through the mist toward Latrigg outlook, overlooking Keswick. Steady drizzle on the heights, but we remember the Empire and push on. Her raincoat covers her AND her backpack. Reminds me of a Flanders and Swan song about the English weather. "Rains and rains and never stops. Forty days and spoils the crops." Big floods in this area 2015.

In Quebec, grade five or six it may have been, we read a novel called Cue for Treason, set in this area. It was about young people foiling a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth the First. And it seemed to involve much rampaging about the fells, amid the same lakes and mountains that we have been exploring recently.

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