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18-09-04 HF Yorkshire Day 4

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Cam.card folder: D491 - Init: 2018-09-16
FaceBook entry: Day 4 today. Day 3, yesterday, a rest day, no pics.

With my right-trusty lady of the Upper Canadian, limestone escarpment (a colonial bit of Yorkshire overseas), I am happy to announce that temple bells may be rung today in celebration of our 58th year of co-regency in the marital estate.

18-09-04 - Residence of John Lambert, Calton.
An interesting republican figure in the civil war.

18-09-04 -
FaceBook entry: Day 4. Today we dive into the dales and swoop onto the upper fells. (One fell swoop?) Then visit the "Cathedral of the Dales" at Kirkby Malham. It has a lovely churchyard where we could secure eternal title to high-church real estate -- if only we would assent to the 39 articles of faith. But this should be a piece of cake (or a communion wafer) to those of us who have already assented (nominally) to our own 613 articles of faith.

Is that Maria, Regina Coeli, hovering protectively over Merle's head? And are those incipient gefilte fish on the gate? Mogen Davids in the churchyard? I sense a certain ecumenical aura, somewhere round here. In an expansive, happy-maoist mood: "Let a thousand flowers flourish."

websrch:wikipedia syncretism

Didn't we once get Beatrix to count the seeds in a pomegranate? As a way of checking on the validity of our 613 articles.

Richards religious research.

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