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18-09-02 HF Yorkshire Day 2
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Cam.card folder: D490 - Init: 2018-09-16
Day 2 today. Day 3, tomorrow, a free day. Derek will rest, no pics.

18-09-02 - Merle ascending style in fine style.

18-09-02 -
This pic was used as a rest(?) day pic for Day 3. Merle forges way ahead toward Malham Tarn. Is she going to be "up a creek"today? Tomorrow we'll probably just hang out or go on a bus trip into somewhere.

18-09-02 -
FaceBook entry: Day 2. Malham Cove. Limestone pavement. Also some similar Niagara Bruce Trail examples, but with more soil and trees. Drops off 100ft, straight down on the left.

18-09-02 - Mouth of the Scar, looking back.

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