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18-07-31 - The bar at Boathouse resto.

18-08-04 - Gonna hafta build a huge sunroom, M.

V18-11-13 - Gonna hafta build a huge sunroom, M.

18-08-04 - Horticulture plus beer store?

18-08-18 - Decypher this. Perhaps more contrast?

Stone at the east end of the Burgoyne bridge, St. Catharines.

1796 - 1935
The hand of God unrolls the scroll
of time. On this we read the story of
a nation's birth, of an old church in
a new land, of men and women living
valiantly under the gracious symbol
of our salvation.

This stone of remembrance is
placed here by members of St. George's
church within the curchyard where
their fathers in the faith erected
the first Church of England in this
community about the year 1796.

Dedicated by Wilmot(?) ...? Bishop
of Niagara On ...?
century after ...?
stone of the present ...?
church on July 20, 1835.

2018-08-25 Larry's Party.

18-08-25 - It's just a garden in the rain.

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