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18-03-21 Local
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Cam.card folder: D476 - Init: 2018-04-03

2018-03-21 Movie, Ridgeway: The Shape of water.

2018-03-30 White Meadows Farms.

18-03-30 - A few of my favourite things.

18-03-30 -

2018-03-30 Home again.

2018-03-31 Downtown w. Nathan's family.

18-03-31 - Beatrix photoed by McK bros. Bob and Doug in the sunglasses reflection, on the job.

18-03-31 - No God? Remain calm! ... Creepy clowns are now in charge of the world. And coming soon to a province near you. Enjoy!

websrch:remain calm and fix bugs

18-04-01 - Hotpot King resto, St Paul St.

2018-04-02 Arts Place minding.

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