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17-10-06 Gozo, Day 14, Last day
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Cam.card folder: D467 - Init: 2017-10-09

D467-009 17-10-06 - Comino Island boat trip and walk. Leaving Mgarr harbour.

D467-015 17-10-06 -

D467-016 17-10-06 -

D467-017 17-10-06 - Dia, Nikon lady, left.

D467-021 17-10-06 - Comino sea caves. Viewing and photography a little congested on a boat like this. No place to stand up safely.

D467-024 17-10-06 - Portrait.

D467-028 17-10-06 - Cloud portrait, the Blue Lagoon.

D467-031 17-10-06 -

D467-033 17-10-06 - Blue Lagoon caves.

D467-038 17-10-06 - Selfie.

D467-039 17-10-06 - Crowded.

D467-041 17-10-06 - The "Blue" in Blue Lagoon.

D467-043 17-10-06 - The Blue Lagoon. People swimming to the opposite side within a buoyed-off area.

D467-044 17-10-06 -

D467-045 17-10-06 -

D467-048 17-10-06 - We head uphill on our walk.

D467-054 17-10-06 - Encountering a group of Segway riders.

D467-057 17-10-06 - Plumbing issues again.

D467-058 17-10-06 - Santa Marija Tower, Comino. Lit: "The tower knew notoriety as the infamous Chateau d'if in the 2002 film 'The Count of Monte Cristo'."

websrch:Count of monte cristo movie

D467-064 17-10-06 - Old quarantine hospital.

D467-067 17-10-06 - Malta-Gozo ferries crossing.

D467-071 17-10-06 - We'uns.

D467-074 17-10-06 - Look, Ma, no hands.

D467-075 17-10-06 - Santa Marija Gun Battery

D467-076 17-10-06 - Abandoned pig farm. Located here in isolation after the island's population of pigs had to be destroyed due to disease.

D467-081 17-10-06 - Back at the Blue Lagoon boat dock.

D467-084 17-10-06 - Refreshments Pina Coladas in hollowed-out pineapples.

D467-086 17-10-06 - Crowds waiting for boats.

D467-087 17-10-06 - Confusion.

D467-088 17-10-06 - Dia just in time. Just minutes before our boat was scheduled to leave Comino, she appeared on the cliff path above the harbour. Appearing to consider climbing down to save time, we shouted "NO! NO!", which had the desired effect. Another minute and she was on board with 30 seconds to spare. The pier was crowded with other passengers waiting for boats to dock.

D467-092 17-10-06 - Mgarr hbr. Overtaken by ferry.

D467-093 17-10-06 - Mgarr. Gleneagles bar interlude. Gleneagles was the name of the ferry to Malta. This bar was the waiting room. A very picturesque interior. Are these objects collected by the proprietor, or things donated by patrons?

D467-095 17-10-06 -

D467-097 17-10-06 - They treated us to G'n'Ts.

D467-098 17-10-06 - Are those cone-shaped things fish traps, or Gozo versions of the Get Smart cone of silence?

D467-099 17-10-06 - "It doesnt get better than this." Spoken by John Stassen below as we contemplated the harbour scene and our drinks. Also a sense of being somewhere exotic and far away from the familiarites of home.

D467-100 17-10-06 - Our companions on the long march.

D467-101 17-10-06 - One of these ladies bought our drinks.

D467-004 02-12-08 - DR's blue period. Our holiday is almost over. Sad and glad at the same time.

D467-106 17-10-07 - Departure day, leaving Gozo.

D467-109 17-10-07 - Across the fabled wine-dark sea. Back to the Malta "mainland".

D467-114 17-10-07 - On the ferry waiting to disembark.

D467-115 17-10-07 - Still waiting. Even more to come. Two hours to Frankfurt from Valetta. Eight hours to Toronto Pearson. Plus waiting in between and after. Home at 11pm.

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