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17-06-22 Lo-cal
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Cam.card folder: d440 - Init: 2017-07-03 Some pic dates seem a little funny in this folder.

D440-001 17-07-03 - This IS a place where ... water has been an issue. At times, even "Paddle-to-the-sea" seemed like an alternatve to our own innundation.

D440-002 17-07-03 - But not really a Newfie. Let's just call him a down-east fellow-traveller.

D440-006 17-03-05 - THEY love moisture.

D440-008 17-03-08 - Size is uniform. Stackable. Zehrs

D440-009 17-03-09 - Let me invite you into the library. And there we will read old National Geographic magazines.I used to have a secret place in Danville to read NG mags. A high tower on the front of the house, up among the treetops.

D440-010 17-06-21 - 25-yr anniversary show. AP.

D440-011 17-06-22 - My contrib. The nucleus of a possible show, titled "Where in Niagara?"

D440-014 17-06-22 - Geo Sanders.

D440-026 17-06-24 - BTC booth, Keg resto parking lot.

D440-035 17-06-24 - Compare, yrs ago. Taking people out for walks along old canal.

D440-040 17-06-24 - Old lock-keepers house.

D440-043 17-06-24 - Chimney is part of Keg resto today.

D440-049 17-06-26 - Downpour and hail.

D440-050 17-06-26 - Might break the skylight?

D440-051 17-06-26 - Is it the wrath of Trump?

D440-052 17-06-26 - Aftermath. All quiet.

D440-058 17-06-27 - Our new furniture arrangement.

D440-059 17-06-27 - Wish we'd thot of it long ago. Seems to make the room bigger. Hides the DR desk clutter.

D440-064 17-06-27 - Towering cumulo-nimbus. BVs out from BH resto.

D440-069 17-06-27 - Welland R. enters Niagara R. Paddled my kayak solo to here years ago, starting from the east side of the Welland Canal.

D069-11 03-08-25 - 2003: Kayaking, Welland R? Near Lyon's Creek? Actually reached the Niagara R., but to avoid getting sucked over The Falls, scooted back into the buoy-ed basin depicted above. The Welland River flows backward here, out of the Niagara R., to provide water for the Adam Beck power station. Chippawa Creek campground is on the upper reaches of the Welland R., far inland from here.

D440-071 17-06-27 - Bodes no good. Or is this another version of the "pitiful fallacy"?

D440-072 17-06-27 - Tacky but nice.

D440-074 17-06-27 - The BV gang.

D440-075 17-06-27 - We learn that the place has been sold. I knew that thunderhead heralded trouble.

D440-080 17-06-27 - BBC: Xref Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge.

D226-549 09-06-22 - 2009: Feel the power? On our Inca Trail hike.

D440-081 17-06-28 - Meet Marion, Jerome, Pearl... at Rockway Glen winery. They were on some seniors bus tour.

D440-083 17-06-28 - Woodside block party at Caroline's.

D440-084 17-07-01 - In the gazebo.

D440-085 17-07-01 - Xref UBC BG tree.

0211-21 83-06-04 - 1983: UBC Botanical Garden.

0211-22 83-06-04 - 1983:

D442-003 02-12-08 - Cecile Sheehan, neighbour, rt.

D442-007 17-07-01 - Aaaaaawwwwww.

D442-008 17-07-01 -

D442-012 17-07-01 - So long.

D440-086 17-07-01 - Burgers in progress as we depart.

D440-089 17-07-01 - At M'n'A for Can150 day. Sergio and kids, rt.

D440-095 17-07-01 - Clean up the woodpile, saith Miriam.

D440-107 17-07-01 - Down by the donkey pen.

D440-109 17-07-01 - View from the deck balcony.

D440-114 17-07-01 - Fireworks for Can150.

D440-121 17-07-01 - Ah, the magic fountain. Close in popularity to "the burning schoolhouse".

D440-124 17-07-01 - Rockets for finale.

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