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17-06-03 Lo-cal
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Cam.card folder: d439 - Init: 2017-06-30

D439-001 17-06-03 - Dont just use text, DR ... Put some colourful boobs into it. (I plan to, further down the page.)

D439-002 17-06-03 - Coconut currie, DR. You're gonna love it.

D439-005 17-06-03 - Walking home from the farmers' market. Our new bridge to West St. Catharines, over Twelve-mile Creek, looks a lot like a rollercoaster ride.

D439-006 17-06-03 - CKTB Opposite the new bridge.

D439-007 17-06-03 - Die Bruecke or Lottacoin Bridge. Doug Herod's columnist wit.

D439-011 17-06-03 - The view from the bridge.

D439-017 17-06-03 - Tidying up the landscaping.

D439-020 17-06-03 - Bridgeworkers' barracks.

D439-022 17-06-03 - The old bridge. We used to be able to drive across here.

D439-028 17-06-03 - Flotsam barrier. 12-mile creek. Keeps debris out of Heywood PGS, downstream at Port Dalhousie.

D439-029 17-06-03 - Glendale Ave footbridge.

D439-030 17-06-03 - Woodside monster home project. Huge blocks like a fortification.

D439-032 17-06-08 - Want1?

D439-034 17-06-11 - Want2?

D439-035 17-06-11 - Making progress.

D439-038 17-06-11 - Yaller loosestrife. Anna Kazdan.

D439-039 17-06-11 - Path to backyard via hydrangea. And false indigo.

D439-040 17-06-13 - St Paul St rail excavation. Removing the debris of earlier civilizations. Was a streetcar track.

D439-042 17-06-13 - Cutting rail with oxygen lance.

D439-045 17-06-14 - BURA at Glenridge Lawnbowling Club.

D439-050 17-06-14 - Wish we'd seen this tree. While we were in Haida Gwaii.

D439-051 17-06-14 - Das Knarrenschif.

D439-056 17-06-15 - Visit Trevor in the Shaver. Gawd in gawd-awful mood.

D439-065 17-06-15 - Xref to Brock gym pic. Can't find it. Must go up and take another.

D439-066 17-06-15 - Experimental food, but ambiance good.

D439-067 17-06-16 - De la Terre cafe bakery. Jordan village. On the Twenty. Freda Pomeranz.

D439-069 17-06-17 - Whose b'day, mine?.

D439-074 17-06-17 - Why don't we step into the library?

D439-082 17-06-21 - Library view, from the gazebo.

D439-083 17-06-21 - Gazebo patio. New laid today.

D439-092 17-06-21 - Solar thingy still works.

D439-098 17-06-21 - Not a palm tree, exactly. but ...

D439-100 17-06-21 - DR bunker. Recall Wordsworth's. At Dove Cottage.

0335-24 - 1989: Dove Cottage. Dove Cottage, Wordworth's residence from 1799 to 1808, is located in Grasmere and worth a visit. It has a shady arbour and garden seat in the back yard. Compare to Woodside.

0335-23 - 1989: Grasmere. Grasmere is a likely spot for a short excursion from Windermere. The town is full of boutiques, eateries and picturesque houses.

0335-26 - 1989: Above Grasmere. An escarpment of a Lake District sort.

D439-101 17-06-21 - They have their entrances and ...

D439-103 17-06-21 - ... their exits ... and one plant, in its time, plays many parts. (Woodland violet: spring harbinger, weed, groundcover.

D439-106 17-06-21 - Watering can and omegas. Where are the alphas? Merle tells me that Haakon Bakken actually had a corresponding sculpture of "alphas" at the show where she bought this piece. An internet search suggests that he may live in the Golden Triangle vicinity. Something at least suggestive of alphas might enhance the sophomoric, Asterix-the-Gaul, humour of this installation.

D439-109 17-06-21 - A fave hosta: Early Frost?

D439-111 17-06-21 - Wonder Woman. Planning on the movie.

D439-112 17-06-21 - Xref to southend pic.

D439-113 17-06-21 - Lest we forget Xena.

D439-114 17-06-21 - We interrupt this program ... To bring you the rainy season at 176 Woodside. Then we return to our usual programming.

D439-115 17-06-21 - Compare and contrast. 10 marks.

D439-118 17-06-21 - Chuffed about something. Merle, d'you recall the proprietor of the Blue Church antique shop who told us "It's no joke to carry these things around all day. They can weigh 5 pounds each." But at least, Xena could take part of the weight off at night.

D439-119 17-06-21 - Let's boogie.

D440-082 -

D468-127 - By Miriam's art teacher, Chris Delara. Is she the creator of some of these super-heroine images from the internet? They aren't always properly credited.

D439-120 17-06-21 - As the sun goes down in the west ... we say a fond farewell to our friends in New Zealand.

D107-068 05-01-01 - And recall NewYear 2005. Where, after the party, we return to the company of our fellow tribeswomen in the South End.

041116A - Ooooo-ee! A girlsterous bunch by all acounts.

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