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17-06-03 Lo-cal
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Cam.card folder: d438 - Init: 2017-06-11

D438-001 17-06-03 - Mr. Happy Face. Why? It doesn't make sense.

D438-003 17-06-03 - Evening light.

D438-004 17-06-03 - Documentation.

D438-006 17-06-03 -

D438-013 17-06-05 - More documentation. Experimenting with handwriting (finger) app on Samsung phone. Clunky. And the screen capture feature on the phone is hard to activate. Needs 2 fingers. Also, saves file in hard-to-convert PNG format. Too much trouble.

D438-020 17-06-09 - David Maracle gets Hon. LLB, Brock U.

D438-021 17-06-09 - Lunch at Alphie's Brock U.

D438-023 17-06-09 - He created the head dress himself.

D438-029 17-06-09 -

D438-033 17-06-10 - Same guy from Vancouver?
Wreck Beach adventure

D438-036 17-06-10 - Works better. But needs separate note-taking package. Really would like picture- and note-taking apps on the same camera phone.

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