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17-05-23 Skidegate Museum and home
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Cam.card folder: D436 - Init: 2017-05-25

2017-05-23 Lve Haida Gwaii, Skidegate.

D436-029 17-05-23 - Skidegate museum.

D436-035 17-05-23 -

D436-036 17-05-23 - Offshore island. Apparently the Haida liked to situate their villages near an offshore island. This would become a place where the medicine men could perform their rituals out of the public eye.

D436-038 17-05-23 - Ferry top deck again. Back to Moresby Island and Sandspit airport. There we'll drop the rental car and catch a plane back to Vancouver.

D436-042 17-05-23 - Take a good, last look.

D436-043 17-05-23 - Two solitudes. He has a spiral-ringed notebook, and both have binoculars. They must be birders.

D436-045 17-05-23 - YVR, here we come.

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