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17-05-19 Haida Gwaii, Sandspit
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Cam.card folder: D432 - Init: 2017-05-25

2017-05-19 Arr. Haida Gwaii, Sandspit. This is on the northeast tip of Moresby Island, the southernmost of the two islands that make up the original Queen Charlotte group.

D432-001 17-05-19 - Mystery property. Reputed to belong to an artist. A cross at the entrance. Looked to me like some semi-abandoned religious retreat. But the garden seemed well-kept.

D432-002 17-05-19 - Beach road from airport. On the way to our digs, rolling luggage along the road.

D432-003 17-05-19 - Good place for beachcombing.

D432-004 17-05-19 - Moresby Island Guest House.

D432-005 17-05-19 - Location. Location. Location.

D432-006 17-05-19 - The lobby.

D432-007 17-05-19 - Lobby decor.

D432-008 17-05-19 - Outboard frog. Seen on the way to the grocery store. Not part of a totem.

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