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16-11-12 Misc, Lo-cal

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Cam.card: D424 - Init: 2016-11-17.
D424-001 to D424-022 moved to D423.ptf. Copying error during update?

2016-11 Lo-cal, misc.

2016-11 Local landfill walkies.

16-11-14 - Potsherd. Frag o' wall tile? Doing archaeology at the Glenridge Quarry landfill site.

2016-11 Adoni party, Welland.

16-11-15 - Adoni b'day at Taris resto.

16-11-15 - Drinks on the house, bartender. No?

16-11-15 - Nice glasses but where's the ... where's the wine?

16-11-15 - Adoni card from A'n'A.
Adoni's b'day party at Taris Resto, Welland, was raided by the A'n'A constabulary.
Charges were dropped after cake was served back home at Farr Rd. Farm.

2016-11 Back at Farr Rd. Farm.

16-11-15 - Cake at M'n'A. Warm DR knees.

16-11-15 - Bee's knees.
Diana at Farr Rd. Farm watches Adoni blow out candle(s?) on his birthday. With flowered legs like that she'll be The Bee's Knees of Niagara fashion.

2016-11 Around Woodside.

16-11-16 - The launch date has been moved up.
Ach du lieber! Adam's pumpkin satellite should appear in Canadian skies very soon. Eat your heart out Elon Musk.
But why is the rocket pointing downward? And why is the satellite sitting on the exhaust pipe?
It'll turn into celestial pumpkin pie-filling. Take it from an expert in racket-science. ... Wernher von Richards

16-11-16 - The Rake's Progess.
Merle Rowlandson researches a new chapter for her naughty, soon-to-be-bestcellar gardening book: The Rake's Progress.

2016-11-16 Canal walk with Linda.

16-11-16 - Trillium RR.
We were about to walk across that bridge when we heard the rumble of heavy machinery.

16-11-16 - For the silos file.

16-11-16 - For the boat butt file.

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