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16-02-03 Home, NP greenhouse
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Cam.card folder: d377 - Init: 2016-02-24

2016-02-03 BT hike, Woodend.

16-02-03 - This was once a table rock.

2016-02-04 Amaryllis from Kerstin Mayberry.

2016-02-17 BT hike, Huntington.

2016-02-20 Port Colborne. Trevor to lunch.

16-02-20 - West St window. Needs a lady sitting there with legs showing through the reflections.

2016-02-21 NP Greenhouse. Xref to fab foliage or flowers portfolios.

16-02-21 -

websrch:NP greenhouse arum

16-02-21 -

16-02-21 -

16-02-21 - Guess we'd better walk off ... all those botanical calories, Merle.

16-02-21 - OK. A turn in the cold will do us ...

2016-02-21etc Screenshots BBC website.

16-02-21 - ... poses "as", not "at" the Statue ...

16-01-27 - Zowie! Looks like AirForce Day.

16-02-20 - Reminds me of air shows past.

84-08-25 - Merle starting DC3. Who was the American actor who actually owned and flew a DC3? On his TV show, he was always falling for exotic lovelies with names like Gretchen. Bob Cummings. So far, unable to find a pic that I remember of him leaning out the cockpit window of his DC3.

websrch:bob cummings

Airforce day, Trenton.

73-08 - Adam. Air show, St. Catharines.
Air show, St. Catharines.

1930 - R100. St. Hubert mooring tower. When the Richardses lived on this base, the tower had been taken down. but the building beneath was still extant. We kids, wandering the fields on the base, found concrete pads with huge iron tie-down loops and chain links so heavy we could hardly lift them. This was just behind the married personnel garden allotments. Some odd juxtapositions in my personal history.
R100 at St. Hubert, Que.

Good wikipedia article below.

websrch:St. Hubert, R100

16-02-20 - Gloomy pic for the Piranesi file. Screenshot. BBC website. This is an underwater picture.
The Piranesi file.

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