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14-12-27 Montreal, BT walks, Flying Sq
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Cam.card: D338 Uploaded: 2015-01-11

2014-12-17 Montreal for the hols

14-12-17 - We have arrived.

14-12-18 - Montreal botanical garden

14-12-18 -

14-12-18 - For the fab foliage file

14-12-19 - Margaret revels in a sunbeam. At home, Prefontaine.

14-12-19 - A Quebec craft brewery product Shows the Little guy from Shawinigan strangling Don Cherry. Nihil obstat.

14-12-19 - DR with digital hangover. That's a flexible digital keyboard cooling his brow.

14-12-21 - Justine and Samuel.

2014-12-23 Rotary Park BT hike

14-12-23 - DeCew PGS opposite, right

14-12-24 - The group

14-12-24 - Sneak Club habitat. The site of the dam for the old Reynoldsville watermill. The firepit below often shows signs of bush-partying. The slogan: "sneak club" is painted on the rock face below the picture. Twelve Mile Creek, below the DeCew power station, is a substantial river. At this point, above the power station, it is usually a modest, wadeable stream, except at spring runoff time.

14-12-24 - Remains of the old Reynoldsville dam This provided waterpower for the mill. In our early days in St. Catharines, substantial pieces of the mill buildings were still visible, including a brick archway.

14-12-24 - Lightning struck The tree, that is.

14-12-24 - Mudscape at Laura Secord bridge. This was our turn-around point.

14-12-24 - What? In field nr DeCew Rd.

14-12-24 - These are not rubber tires and appear to be made of reinforced concrete. Possibly part of some crushing or grinding system?

14-12-24 - Bridge over the Twelve The Laura Secord bridge, just visible behind the trees on the return journey back to Rotary Park.

14-12-24 - Path along high riverbank A prize collection of gnarled trees along this section of trail.

14-12-24 - Queen Anne architecture? Part of the DeCew power generating station. A chain-link fence keeps the hiker from getting any closer to the river bank. The water flow here is enormous compared with the upstream reaches. Brick construction and the arrangement of white-framed windows reminded me (far-fetchedly) of Hampton Court Palace in England.

89-05d - Hampton Ct., Orangerie?

89-05d - Hampton Ct. After locating the above pictures, I'm reminded of how magical, and how tenuous, the recollection process can be.

14-12-24 - You do find odd things on the trail. A lost beach ball from some kid's frolic in the park. I thought being bar-coded should mean that somebody would deliver soothing drinks from the bar after our walk. That's the way it was in Punta Cana.

12-01-17 - Derek is bar-coded in Punta Cana. This was result of walking for miles on the beach in a flimsy pair or wading slippers. Not having any adhesive bandages handy, I resorted to a bar-coded sticker from something in my luggage. Diana kept replenishing our drinks from the hotel bar set up on the beach.

14-12-24 - The survivors

2014-12-24 Xmas BT hike Dufferin Is.

14-12-24 - Niagara Parks livens up the scene. Illuminated wire sculptures are installed during the holiday season.

14-12-25 - Table rock, the dark side.

14-12-25 - North end, Toronto Power Gen Stn We really should do something with this building. Even make it into condos, or, better, a museum dedicated to the history of Niagara power generation.

14-12-25 - Merlescape, Dufferin Is. Dufferin Island, beside the Niagara River, was the site of an early watermill.

14-12-25 - Rootscape

14-12-25 - The Niagara Parks buffalo An endangered species? Getting late in the day. The sculpture's lights are beginning to be visible.

14-12-25 - The creature's eye

14-12-25 - Xmas lunch after our walk Fruitcake. I love it. Can't understand why so many radio personalities seem to get off on putting down fruitcake.

2014-12-25 BTN-E2E-Day5.5 DeCew supplement Insert here E2E summary. Photo taken on 15-06-30. Should be in or near D346.

14-12-25 - North from DeCew House The last leg of our end-to-end of the Niagara Section of the Bruce Trail with Lynda Bonnar. The trail follows the west levee of the DeCew power dam headpond. It dips down to the left, up ahead, visiting Morningstar Grist Mill, and eventually passing through Shorthills Provincial Park.

14-12-26 - DeCew PGS down on Twelve Mi Crk. The water from the headpond near where I'm standing drops about 40 metres down to the power-generating station..

14-12-26 - Deep ravine below DeCew falls. The path is secure, but unwary gawkers (and perhaps, photographers) have been known to tumble over the edge. This provides a training session for Niagara's ravine and gorge rescue unit. You can see a splash of white water down below.

14-12-26 - Decew Falls and Morningstar mill I do wish we had a few scenery buffs on the committee. Someone should discreetly cut away some of the brush that obscures a good view of the falls and mill. This would be especially important in summer when leafage makes the scene almost invisible. There is a SAFE way, however, to approach the falls and mill from below. This route doesn't involve rapelling or scrambling over the edge.

14-12-26 - Silage cutter and blower. I remember a machine like this in Danville in the 1940s. It had a belt drive from the farm's tractor and blew the chopped corn silage up the pipe on the right. All very dangerous and fascinating to the neighbourhood kids. We actually had a serious working farm almost nextdoor to our apartment. This specimen is located in the backyard of the Morningstar house.

14-12-26 - Mechanism Not only does the machine have to chop tough cornstalks into cow-friendly, bite-sized chunks, but it has to power a conveyor belt to pull the stalks down a chute and feed them to the chopping and blowing blades. Machines like this are a tribute to the mechanical ingenuity of Victorian manufacturers. At one time, factories were scattered over the country, designing, manufacturing and marketing farm and home gadgets. In some ways I think we've been de-industrialized in more recent postwar years. Only the largest global corporations, usually remote, can afford to build complex machinery.

14-12-26 - We made it. DeCou House, Our Niagara BT end-to-end is now complete. Shouldn't we get a medal or something? DeCew House, a stabilized ruin in the background.

14-12-26 - You have a fine mind DR ... ... sprouting ideas all over the place. Maybe now you can stop complaining about your feet.

14-12-26 - Our reward, provided by Lynda

2014-12-26 Flying Squirrel, Ridgeway

14-12-26 - Waiting for eats

14-12-27 - Prime dessert territory

14-12-27 - Postprandial conference

14-12-27 - Arts Place on the way home Note DR's pic of Justine on the door.

14-12-27 - Justine Those little toes are getting nice and warm by the fireside.

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