14-09-29 Farr Rd, Toronto, Shaw,Home
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Cam.card portfolio: d333 Upload: 2014-10-12

2014-09-29 Farr Rd

D333-038 - Last grasp of summer

D333-041 - Zephira and Ferdinand
Damn hard to get animals to pose. Reminds me of Africa. Many pics of Zebra butt. Makes me kind of cranky sometimes. Like now.

D333-048 - Revealing mug shot DR.

D333-049 - Not harmonium in the dust? Surely?
Maybe, space shuttle on a farr-flung planet.

D333-052 - Boiler won't take the pressure, Captain!

D333-054 - Just get'er moving by sundown, Scotty.

D333-060 - No nuclear family. Maybe a dilithium one.

D333-069 - Sentient being?

D333-073 - One of the smaller carbon units

D333-077 - Meanwhile, out in the back forty ...

D333-079 - G'boing, g'boing, g'boing.

D333-081 - Nourishment is taking place.

D333-082 - why are some animal babies so cute?
Big heads, long legs, playful habits.

2014-10-02 Woodside

D333-083 - Burning bush of prophesy: winter coming

D333-084 -

D333-088 - Hark! The lark? No, Boreas.

2014-10-13 At Linda Hankin's spread

D333-090 - Merle, Ruth.

D333-091 - Down fido. Already in compliance.

D333-093 - Joyce Honsberger

2014-10-08 Visit to Auntie Polly

D333-104 - Polly's recipe for honey cake.

D333-105 -

D333-106 - OK. gang. The camera's over here.

D333-107 - Jenn

D333-108 - Ruth and Maureen.

D333-109 -

D333-110 -

D333-114 -

2014-10-08 At Marion's place

D333-117 - Honey has been to cuteness school.

D333-118 -

D333-120 -

2014-10-09 Shaw Fest: The Philanderer

D333-127 - At the Epicurean resto

D333-132 - Patio, cool. Colleen, Bill Mercuri.

D333-134 - Stroll before the performance

D333-135 - Merle buys shirt.

D333-136 - Colour on main st.
Remember Kim's game from Boy Scouts? I think you could get a badge for scoring high on a memory test. You had to look at a tray full of small objects for a few seconds, then remember as many as you could. Baden-Powell was something of an intelligence office in Boer War days. He thought a good scout should be able to accurately recall experience in detail, especially if there was a risk in committing information to paper and being captured.
I'm going to practice on the shelves of neat stuff in Miriam's barn. Or on Lison's kitchen counters in Montreal.
The name of the game probably comes from Kipling's Jungle Book.

D333-139 - Fire, Andiamo resto.

D333-141 - Theatre intermission

D333-142 - The uncommon on the common.

D333-143 - Nook

D333-144 - Members lounge

D333-145 - Sorel Etrog: Hasidic Head

D333-147 - Outside Festival theatre door.

2014-10-10 Home

D333-148 - Friday am Kobo. Knees, please.

D333-149 - Woolly bear

websrch:woolly bear

wbmoth - Web: Woolly Bear moth
Used to collect these as a kid. They share in that fuzzy creatures thing that seems to endear kittens, gerbils and teddy bears.

D333-151 - From Glenridge peak.

D333-154 - Sky! Saw lancaster bomber this aft.

lanc - DR's fave aircraft during the war

D333-155 - Carlos Cantina, St Paul st.

2014-10-12 Ball's Falls

D333-156 - BTC booth.

D333-159 - Just love smell of woodsmoke in the am.

D333-161 - My kind of superhero

D333-162 - My kind of garage chair

D333-164 - My kind of play slide

D333-167 - My kind of quoins

D333-172 - Top, 2nd fr left. My kind of pic.

1191-22 00-12 - 2000-12 On the feast of Stephen, TO
Totonto church, prob. UC. South side of Queen St. Was often a community centre for worthy causes during our days at Major St. Like volunteers collating "This magazine is about schools".

2014-10-12 Farr Rd farm

D333-174 - Camera? What's a camera? Good to eat?

D333-180 - Ferdinand and mum

D333-185 - OK. Everybody stand still.

D333-187 - OK. But I should have aimed higher.

D333-188 - Merlescape #1001

D333-189 - Diana pastorale
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