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14-09-15 Misc, Home
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Cam.card portfolio: D332 Upload: 2014-10-12

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2014-09-17 BURA at Club Roma

D332-018 - Romulus and Remus get nutrition.

websrch:romulus and remus

D332-019 - Sorta country trad folk rock.

D332-020 - Pinata

D332-021 - Cute as a ...

D332-022 -

D332-023 -

D332-024 - The Club Roma garden shelter ... ... hovering over west St Kits like the spaceship in the movie "District 9".

d9 - District 9, the movie Well, far-fetched, I know. But the roof pattern seemed to suggest .... Or maybe because we'd just seen the movie.

D332-027 - In the garden

D332-030 - Wish we could.

D332-034 - Castor bean

D332-036 - Yes, I will.

2014-09-20 Cecille 90 party. Club Capri.

D332-039 - Only pic of Cecille, on the left

2014-09-20 Brimstone bpub, Ridgeway.

D332-040 -

D332-041 - The brewery part

D332-043 - Cenosillicaphobia: Fear of an emplty glass

D332-044 - Games on the patio

D332-045 -

D332-046 -

D332-049 -

D332-050 - Almost...

D332-051 - Almost. Then ...

D332-055 - Ruins.

D332-056 - Main St. Ridgeway

D332-057 - Recall DR's hideout in Danville.

0299-09 86-08f - Danville, P.Q. Our apartment house. Now why didn't I step a mere 10 feet forward and eliminate an hour of PhotoShop work on those wires? My hideout was in that tower in the front. Fourth floor, accessible up a ladder from the room below. A kid could sit on the window sills and read old National Geographic magazines. Picture stories about expeditions to the Amazon jungles in primitive float-planes, reaching places where the people wore hardly any clothes. Danville 1945 or 46: I recall once looking down toward the house past the right of the picture, to where a neighbour girl, Patsy, was playing with her (my?) tiny toy tea set. If memory playback has not been too fictionalized, I think I went down to join her for tea. That was the same spot where, one rainy spring day, I was bitten by a snake. Patsy was watching. The snake was swimming in the puddle created by a porch downspout. I reached out to grab it and the snake fastened onto my knuckles. Flailing it about like a whip and eventually flipping it off into the puddle, I ran home into our appartment. "What've you been up to, Derek," said my mother with a tone of suspicion. "Nu-u-u-thing," said I, choking back near panic, and ran up to my room to see how many minutes it would take for snakebite to kill a kid of average weight. "The bite of the common garter snake in springtime is actually antiseptic," said the snakebite article in my kids' encyclopedia. "Oh," said I, "Good thing I didn't blab to my mother."

D332-067 - See you later.

2014-09-24 Brockwalk

D332-077 - Boom at old pgs intake.

D332-081 - Anchor-woman Or should I say va-va-va-b.... Stop choking me, Merle.

D332-082 - Another little DR joke.

D332-083 - Low levels (of humour) today.

D332-088 - Remember Al Pedlar. Used to be a winter-time "fun-run" from Brock U. to Cat's Caboose through here. With beer promised at the finish line. Ice and snow. Mud, water up to your knees. "You'd have to be CRAZY to sign up for this," said Al's poster. Due to some short circuit in the rumour mill, I never did get my free beer at Cat's.

D332-089 - We take a longish short-circuit. To avoid the mud.

D332-091 - Reaching Decew House rest stop.

D332-092 - Graffitti on the DeCew bridge

D332-093 - Wow! That's a relief.

D332-094 - Unexpected patch of heliopsis. On a side-trail on the way home.

D332-095 -

D332-096 -

D332-100 -

D332-103 - Near BrockU: Die Bruecke Everytime I cross a footbridge I think of the White River suspension bridge in Pukaskwa Nat Park (qv), Three Billy Goats Gruff from childrens' books, and that ghastly WW2 movie where a bunch of teen-age German boys attempt to defend a bridge against the victoriously advancing American army. A Queen's U Phil prof of mine, on the subject of "meaning" in philosophical analysis, used to say that words "trailed clouds of etymology." DR trails clouds of personal reminiscences behind him.

D332-104 - Brocku student garden

D332-105 -

D332-106 -

D332-107 - Home again, happy hour in gazebo.

D332-108 - Diana, Rosh Hoshana lunch Ital resto NF.

D332-109 - Across from B'nai Tikvah.

2014-09-28 DeCew Ho. via LS Bridge: First, Glendale Avenue to Twelve-mile Creek. Trail south on west side of creek, past DeCew power generating station to the Laura Secord footbridge. Across and up the side of the ravine to Morningstar Mill. On to DeCew House and home via Brock U.

D332-110 - How did they do those graffiti?

D332-113 - Picnic at Morningstar Mill.

D332-111 - Yummy pb sangw, merle?

D332-115 - DeCew PGS headpond

D332-116 - Water purification plant improvements.

D332-119 - Asters and BrockU across L. Gibson.

D332-120 - DeCew house, a "stabilized" ruin.

D332-121 - Is that all?

D332-124 - Industrial strength architecture, BrockU.

D332-125 - Pyramid. Antient civs.

D332-126 - Minivan aux jardin

D332-127 - Ice tea and Merle and me

D332-128 - Burning bush of prophesy. What predicted?

D332-129 - Winter, perhaps?

D332-134 - Vine of prophesy I predict more growth for next year.

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